Monday, November 12, 2007

LA Tamale Festival

We went to the Tamale Festival Yesterday. It was the 3rd annual but my first time. I love food festivals and trying new things. Had a great torta and some pretty good tamales. I should have known to stay away from the 3 for $5 tamales at the place where people were lining up for the tortas. I'll just leave it at that. Did try a pineapple tamale for the first time ever and would have another one. I see myself going back next year but this is one of those festivals that I would go for maybe an hour but I can't see spending a day there.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Because Less Money for Gas = More Money for Food

Sk Donuts

Growing up I've always enjoyed donuts. Winchells was my favorite and I always felt a loyalty to it. Yum Yum, Dunkin - they just could not compete. Even when Krispy Kreme made it to the Los Angeles scene they could not completely push out my Winchell's love. (I actually only like the original glazed at Krispy Kreme). Recently, some yelpers directed me to SK DONUTS and I have fallen in love again with "donuts". There are times I actually will crave SK Donuts. I did try to reignite the flame at Winchell's last month but all it did was make me want SK Donuts even more.

I see a lot of exercise tapes in my future

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Now we've been out and about and eating at a lot of places. Just been super lazy when it comes to posting and sharing. That will change slowly but surely. Meanwhile, thought we would share some places we want to eat at (so you will hopefully see in upcoming blogs). Some we've been to before but we still want to go

1. Tous Les Jours Bakery
2. Griddle Cafe
3. Mu Dung San
4. Ondal 2
5. LaBrea Bakery
6. King Taco

there are actually lots more but this will help with formulate a game plan.