Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Small Places

Recently, I have decided that when possible I'm going to eat at many of the non-chain, mom & pop stands and small restaurants. At the very least - give them a try. (As long as they have an "A" rating). Often I have seen that I get the best service from them and that is saying something when you realize the person who is there at dinner time may have also been the one who opened up that morning. I'm so behind but I will try to list the ones I get to visit. I've been to a few in the recent months

Capitol Burgers - on Pico Boulevard (my personal favorite because I've seen the older gentleman there since I was in Junior High and my Aunt Dorothy use to place orders - I'm now in my 40's)

One thing I have trouble with is that I can remember the places more than the names but I plan to keep my pad handy and actually enter the information on my blog (which right now is more like scribble on a paper which gets lost in the clutter of my desk.